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Palo Alto College offers various online academic programs and courses to provide access to first-rate faculty and top-quality academics in a convenient, flexible format offered entirely online. Throughout the courses, students will use interactive video conferencing and video streaming to interact with peers and instructors.Orientations, websites, and access to Canvas are available via ACES.

Before enrolling in an online course or pursuing an online program, students should meet with an academic advisor.

Online Course Access and Notifications

Course Log In

To access your online course(s):

  1. Log in toACES.
  2. Click on the "My Courses" tab and choose the current semester.
  3. Click on the class link. The link will lead to class information posted by the instructor or into the Canvas introduction page for a course.

Set Up Your Canvas Notification Preferences

Canvas can reach out to you in a variety of ways about updates to your online course. From within Canvas, you can choose how (and how often) you want to be notified of updates in your course. These updates can be a new message from your instructor or classmates, an announcement, a posted grade or feedback, changes to the course content, and much, much more. To learn more about setting up your notification preferences in Canvas, view thisCanvas Guide.

Online Programs

Associate of Applied Science

Administrative Assistant, A.A.S.
Business Management, A.A.S
Computer Support Specialist, A.A.S.
Information Security and Assurance, A.A.S. Logistics and Supply Chain Management, A.A.S.
Network Administrator, A.A.S.

Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts

Associate of Arts in Teaching

Teaching 7-12 and Other EC-12, A.A.T.
Teaching EC - 6, 4-8, EC-12 Special Education, A.A.T.


Administration Level I Certificate

Cisco Certified Network Associate Level I Certificate

Computer Forensics Level 1 Certificate

Computer Programming BasicsLevel I Certificate

Computer Support Specialist Level I Certificate

Entry-Level Supervision Level2 Certificate

General Office Level I Certificate

International Logistics Management Level I Certificate

Leadership Level I Certificate

Logistics Management Level I Certificate

Manufacturing Management Level I Certificate

Personal Computer Skills Level I Certificate

Secretarial Assistant Level I Certificate

Transportation Management Level I Certificate

Warehouse Management Level I Certificate

Licensing Disclosures

The programs offered by Palo Alto College that prepare students for professional licensure have been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements established by the state of Texas. The licensing boards for each state determine the requirements for licensure or certification by that state, which change over time and may be different from the state requirements in Texas. Students who intend to work in a state other than Texas are strongly encouraged to consult with the licensing board for their profession in that state. The state board will determine their eligibility to sit for the licensing exam in that profession in that state.

For each Palo Alto College program that prepares students for professional licensure, the program lead is available to any student who would like to have additional information or advice regarding licensure.

PAC Licensure Programs and Contact Information:

  • Cosmetology: Lydia Hannawi,
  • Nursing: Donna Wallis,
  • Dental Hygiene: Diane Wilson,
  • Veterinary Technology: Jeffery Koch

For more information on the federal regulations for professional licensure disclosures, visit 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v).

Grievance procedures

Out-of-State Student GrievancesPAC Student Grievances

Learning Resources for Distance Learning Students

Orientation to Online Learning Course (OLRN)

Online courses offer the convenience and flexibility of participating in a course without a formal schedule or location. However, online courses require a unique set of skills. Before you enroll, you should feel confident that your study habits, time management, computer skills, and independent motivation match what’s required in the online learning environment.

If you are new to online courses, PAC recommends that you enroll in the *free*Orientation to Online Learning, OLRN or “O-Learn,” mini-course. OLRN is free and takes about 2-hours to complete. It prepares you to be a more successful online student. Your advisor can assist with OLRN registration.

Some online instructors at PAC may require OLRN; this information is available in the course catalogue.

Academic Learning Studio

*Until further notice, the Academic Learning Studio is currently working under the PAC IT Services helpdesk to assist students with remote IT services and device checkouts. Please call the IT helpdesk for inquiries.*

Located in the Ozuna Library building, room 150, the Academic Learning Studio (ALS) is part of the Palo Alto College Information Technology Services (IT) department. The ALS is the largest computer lab on campus and open to the whole community! The ALS provides free IT services, economical printing, as well as a variety of basic tech-based workshops for students and non-students alike, and device checkouts are available to currently enrolled PAC students.

Follow the ALS social media platforms for video tutorials, schedule of events, and other tech-related content.
AlamoExperience:Academic Learning Studio


Access to electronic resources and library assistance can be found at the following links.

Visit the Palo Alto College LibraryLibGuides

Student Services Support

Access to all academic and student support services can be found at the following link.

Support at PAC

Technical Support for Distance Learning Students

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Palo Alto College Helpdesk

Phone: 210-486-3777 (select option 1)

Palo Alto College Information Technology Services (ITS)

Hours of Operation

8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Caller Checklist

When calling, please have the following information readily available:

  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Banner ID

Alamo Colleges Helpdesk

Phone: 210-485-0555 (select option 4)
Toll Free: 866-493-3947

Hours of Operation

Monday–Friday: 8 a.m.–midnight
Saturday: 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m.–midnight

Canvas Live Chat Support

Canvas Support Live Chat(Links to an external site.)

Procedures to Protect the Privacy of Distance Learning Students

Identity Verification in Distance Learning Courses

The identity verification process for online courses protects student’s privacy through the use of a secure portal with a secure login and student-created password. All online courses are hosted on Alamo Colleges District secure learning management system, Canvas. Faculty can post assignments and exams within the learning management system to ensure the privacy of student information. In addition, BioSig-ID, a biometric enabling system, is used in all online courses.

Alamo Colleges District also issues each student a nine-digit student identification number. This number becomes the unique identifier for students throughout their academic history at the College.


Some PAC online courses require students to come to campus for proctored exams in order to verify student identity and maintain the integrity of the exam. All PAC online courses require a biometric signature verification in order to verify the student’s identity prior to completing an online assignment or taking an online exam.

Password Security

Both students and faculty are responsible for the security of their secure-portal passwords and are strongly encouraged to use strong passwords and change their passwords every 90 days.


PAC students are required to use Alamo Colleges District email address or the communication features within the course Learning Management System to communicate with their online instructors. This will ensure that all electronic communications with the instructor are secure.

Faculty Responsibility

Faculty and staff understand and carry out a commitment to confidentiality, integrity, and security to protect the privacy of students who participate in distance learning activities. Student records are kept private by the instructor, except in cases where academic staff or administration access the course, with legitimate educational interest under FERPA guidelines.

In order to maintain course security and protect student privacy, faculty do not access or attempt to access another employee’s or student’s account without authorization as described in Board Policy C.1.9 Appropriate Use of Information Technology.

Student Responsibility

In order to maintain confidentiality, portal login passwords are generated by the student and any password reset is completed through a “secret question” protocol. It is the student’s responsibility to keep passwords confidential. See Student Code of Conduct Procedure F.4.2.1 and Board Policy C.1.9 Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources.

Only work submitted to open forums, like discussion boards, can be accessed by other students; other assignments, grades and correspondence are not viewable by other students.

Contact Information

Amanda Harrison
Director of the Teaching & Learning Center


PAC : Academics : Online Courses | Alamo Colleges (2024)
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