All you need to know about The Conjuring 4 (2024)

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All you need to know about The Conjuring 4 (1)

The Conjuring 4 will be the last movie of the series led by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, as the Conjuring universe keeps expanding in different directions.

The final chapter of the Warrens story on screen is finally set to start filming this year with a familiar face returning to the director's chair.

In February 2024, it was confirmed that Michael Chaves – who directed The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and The Nun II – is directing the new movie, which might not be called The Conjuring: Last Rites as originally announced.

Producer James Wan had previously revealed that the fourth movie would be the final main outing in The Conjuring series, which has expanded to include multiple spin-off movies.

In January 2023, producer James Wan – who also directed the first two movies – said work was underway on the fourth movie, after it was confirmed in October 2022, but asked for patience from fans of the series.

Wan is back producing the new movie alongside Peter Safran, while David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick – who wrote the second and third movies – is writing the fourth.

While we wait, here's everything you need to know about The Conjuring 4.

All you need to know about The Conjuring 4 (2)

The Conjuring 4 potential release date: When could we expect The Conjuring 4?

The Conjuring 4 has been confirmed, but we still don't have a confirmed release date as of May 2024.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is set to start filming this summer in Atlanta.

If filming starts as planned, it means we could expect to see it in cinemas in June or July 2025. A summer release might sound odd, but common for the series: The Conjuring came out in July 2013, The Conjuring 2 in June 2016 and The Conjuring 3 in June 2021.

They might save it more for Halloween season like with The Nun II (a September 2023 release in cinemas), but we'll have to wait and see.

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The Conjuring 4 cast: Who's coming back for The Conjuring 4?

It's not been officially confirmed, but we'd be amazed if Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga weren't back as Ed and Lorraine Warren – it's not a Conjuring movie without them.

Fortunately, they seem up for more outings so it won't be a case of persuading them to return.

"Oh my God, I'd love to [continue]," Farmiga said, with Wilson adding: "We constantly want to push these characters. I would like to – for no other reason than I would want to keep playing opposite Vera."

If you can't wait for The Conjuring 4 to see the Warrens again, they pop up in The Nun 2 credit scene in a brief teaser for the next movie.

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Other returns are harder to predict, especially since the third movie didn't feature many crossovers from the wider Conjuring universe.

Sterling Jerins reprised her role as Judy Warren, while there were also return appearances for Steve Coulter as Father Gordon and Shannon Kook as Drew Thomas. All of them could be back in the fourth movie, but that's probably it for comebacks.

As in the other Conjuring movies, a fourth outing would cover an entirely new case, which means a largely new cast, outside of the main characters.

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The Conjuring 4 plot: Which cases could The Conjuring 4 cover?

The third movie ends in November 1981 after the trial of Arne Johnson, and we can assume that The Conjuring 4 will take place after this in the timeline.

That still leaves some interesting cases from the real-life experiences of the Warrens that could be used as a basis for a new movie, which could see them head back into a haunted house.

In 1986, the Warrens investigated a double helping of haunted houses with the Snedeker house and the Smurl Haunting. The former has already loosely inspired The Haunting in Connecticut, and both revolved around houses supposedly infested by demons.

After the third movie broke out of the haunted house formula, it might be a disappointing backwards step for the series to return to one.

All you need to know about The Conjuring 4 (6)

If they want to avoid that trope, there's a case that's yet to be covered from the Warrens' case files that holds a lot of promise: the legend of the White Lady at the Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut.

While the Warrens didn't directly investigate the phenomenon, they have claimed to have a video of the White Lady in action and have written a book about it.

It's said that the spirit appears in a delicate white nightgown or wedding dress and moves through the cemetery, with reports that drivers have even seen her outside of the cemetery, causing them to swerve.

"I can tell you that I know for a fact that this place is haunted, it's one of the most haunted places around," noted Lorraine Warren – and if that isn't scope for a Conjuring movie, we don't know what is.

The Conjuring 4 trailer: Any footage of The Conjuring 4 yet?

The Conjuring 4 has yet to start filming so we'll be waiting a while for footage. Keep this page bookmarked and we'll update it whenever there's new information.

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All you need to know about The Conjuring 4 (2024)


What will The Conjuring 4 be about? ›

The Conjuring 4, officially titled The Conjuring: Last Rites, will see the franchise once again follow the ghostly adventures of the paranormal investigators, who we have seen face up to demons, witches, and beldams, all based on real-life exorcism cases covered by the late Warrens.

What is the summary of The Conjuring? ›

Is The Conjuring actually based on a true story? ›

Is 'The Conjuring' based on a true story? That depends on whether you believe in ghosts. But the movie is based on the Perron family, who moved into the house in 1971, and said they began experiencing paranormal phenomena.

Which conjuring part is the scariest? ›

The Conjuring (2013)

The movie that started it all remains the tightest, scariest, and most creative of the bunch. In their cinematic debut, the Warrens investigate a disturbing possession at a remote family home in Rhode Island.

What year is The Conjuring 4 set in? ›

A sequel to the two films and the third entry in the main series, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, was released on June 4, 2021, and revolves around the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a murder that took place in 1981 in Connecticut.

What happens in the new conjuring movie? ›

Ed witnesses the demon enter Arne just as he suffers a heart attack. The following month, Ed wakes up at the hospital and reveals to Lorraine that he witnessed the demon enter Arne. After feeling unwell, Arne murders his landlord by stabbing him 22 times.

What is the main demon in The Conjuring? ›

Bathsheba was the primary antagonist of the original Conjuring movie, and she remains one of the series' most frightening villains.

Where is the real Conjuring House? ›

The home is located at 1677 Round Top Road in Burrillville, Rhode Island. It's recommended that you "pack your courage." The Rhode Island house made famous by the 2013 horror film, "The Conjuring," is now letting people camp on its grounds in an experience it calls "ghamping" (ghost, plus camping, equals ghamping).

Why is The Conjuring so scary? ›

While far from the first with this premise, one of the things that make The Conjuring so terrifying is that it could happen to anyone. The victims receive no warnings, nor are they chosen because of their heritage. They are normal, everyday people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Where is the Annabelle doll? ›

Annabelle is an allegedly-haunted Raggedy Ann doll, housed in the now closed occult museum of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. Annabelle was moved there after supposed hauntings in 1970. A character based on the doll is one of the antagonists that appear in The Conjuring Universe.

Who got possessed in The Conjuring in real-life? ›

The real Ed and Lorraine Warren

After some investigation, the Warrens conducted a séance which led to Carolyn Perron being possessed by a malevolent spirit. Carolyn levitated off the floor and spoke in an unknown language before being cast back down, the event almost killing her.

Who owns The Conjuring House now? ›

In May of 2022, Jacqueline Nuñez purchased the property and is continuing and growing the business.

Who is the most powerful ghost in The Conjuring? ›

Annabelle may be The Conjuring–verse's most toyetic villain, but Valak is the one who has done the most damage. Before ever encountering the Warrens, Valak took out a convent, murdered some priests, and possessed a very hot Frenchman.

Is conjuring 2 or 1 scarier? ›

A rare horror sequel that delivers the same quality scares as its predecessor, courtesy of returning puppeteer James Wan. The Conjuring was a shocking horror film.

Which is more scary, The Nun or Conjuring? ›

Although many fans consider The Nun one of the worst installments in The Conjuring Universe due to how it often relies on classic jump-scares and mediocre plot twists to shock its audience, it utilizes unique thematic elements to create one of the most aesthetically creepy atmospheres of the entire franchise.

What is the new conjuring based on? ›

“The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It,” released in June, is based on a 1981 case in Brookfield, during which the defendant, Arne Cheyenne Johnson, claimed he was innocent of murder because at the time he stabbed his victim, he was possessed by demons.

Is conjuring 4 r rated? ›

Rated R for terror, violence and some disturbing images.

Is The Nun and conjuring connected? ›

The Nun movies are actually prequels to The Conjuring series. While The Nun and its sequel take part in the 1950s, The Conjuring is set in the 1970s. Valak torments a young nun throughout the series, and it's only when Lorraine encounters Valak two decades after that we see the demon defeated.

How many movies are connected to The Conjuring? ›

There are 9 total movies set within The Conjuring universe — three Conjuring movies, three Annabelle movies, The Nun and The Nun 2, and The Curse of La Llorna. Two future movies have been confirmed: The Conjuring 4 (TBA) and The Crooked Man (TBA).

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