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On behalf of the Solano Superior Court Judicial Officers and the entire court staff, we want to thank you for performing a crucial civic responsibility that provides justice for all. We understand jury summons never come at a convenient time and we appreciate the time and commitment you have taken to review reporting instructions and appear if instructed.

The Jury Service Office is dedicated to efficiently and effectively providing jurors to all trial departments. Check our website page under Reporting Instructions for updated information and reporting locations.

You may request a reminder by texting your badge number to (707) 244-6139 or a call reminder by calling the automated jury system at (707) 207-7350 and selecting the ‘request reminder’ option. Standard test messaging rates may apply.

The CDC highly recommends indoor masking in public settings. The Solano County Health Officer and California Department of Public Health have not mandated indoor masking. The Court strongly recommends masking and will provide a mask to you upon request.

Again, on behalf of the Solano Superior Court, we thank you for your service!

A Critical Civic Duty

The right of a trial by jury is the privilege of every person in the United States. This right is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution, which provides “the right of trial by jury shall be secured to all, and remain inviolate”: http://www.courts.ca.gov/juryservice.htm.

Jury trials cannot be held unless people like you are willing to perform their civic duty. Jurors are essential to the administration of justice.

Jurors’ names are selected at random from lists provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Registrar of Voters and Franchise Tax Board.


Fairfield Branch: (707) 207-7350

Vallejo Branch: (707) 561-7850

Toll Free: (800) 621-1797

Division Fax: (707) 436-2284

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 AM - 12 PM & 1 PM - 3 PM

Division Email: CourtJury@solano.courts.ca.gov

phone and visiting hours exclude court holidays | holiday schedule


Fairfield Branch:
Hall of Justice
600 Union Ave,
Fairfield CA 94533

Fairfield Branch:
Old Solano Courthouse
580 Texas St,
Fairfield CA 94533

Vallejo Branch:
Solano Justice Building
321 Tuolumne St,
Vallejo CA 94590

phone and visiting hours exclude court holidays | holiday schedule

Is jury duty mandatory?

Yes. It is a right of citizenship and required by law.

How did we get your name?

We obtain names from the Department of Motor Vehicles the Registrar of Voters and the Franchise Tax Board. If the information you provide to these three sources is not identical you may receive two summonses.

I received a jury summons for someone who is deceased or no longer lives at this address, what should I do with the summons?

If you are acquainted with the individual and familiar with their circ*mstance, click JUROR RECORD and complete the DISQUALIFICATION AND REQUEST TO BE EXCUSED/HARDSHIP REQUEST tab. If you are not acquainted with the person, state on the front of the unopened summons “this person is no longer at this address” and place the summons back in the mail. The Department of Motor Vehicles and the Registrar of Voters is our source for information. You should notify these two sources to avoid receiving any further jury summonses at your address.

Can I be excused for medical, mental, or physical disability reasons?

Yes. A juror must provide a physician’s verification note on a prescription pad or letterhead signed by a doctor. The note must state that the juror cannot serve on jury duty for medical reasons and should indicate the length or duration of the illness or problem. If the condition is permanent or long term, the physician must also include that information in his/her statement. Obtaining a copy of your doctor’s letter for your personal file is advised.

Are Correctional Officers exempt from jury service?

No. Only peace officer’s whose positions are defined under Penal Code sections 830.1, 830.2(a-c) and 830.33(a) are exempt from jury service.

Are stay at home parents excused from jury service?

No. Neither stay at home parents nor childcare providers are exempt or excused from jury service. Children are not allowed in the courtrooms. Alternative arrangements will need to be made. If additional time is needed to arrange for childcare, click JUROR RECORD and use the POSTPONEMENT REQUEST tab to submit your request.

Are individuals over 70 years of age exempt from jury service?

No. However, Solano Superior Court requires individuals over the age of 70 who prefer to not attend jury service, click JUROR RECORD and use the DISQUALIFICATION AND REQUEST TO BE EXCUSED/HARDSHIP REQUEST tab to submit the request.

How often can I be summoned?

Prospective jurors may be summoned once a year. Your term of service is One Day or One Trial. Jurors report in person one day, and may be selected to serve on a case of any length. If not selected for a case on that day, services are completed for one year. If you receive more than one summons during the year, you may be in our database more than once. This often occurs if information received from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Registrar of Voters and the Franchise Tax Board are not the same. Hyphenated names, maiden and married names, and names containing a space can cause duplication within the database. If you receive a summons earlier than expected, notify the jury office in writing so we may correct the error and update our database.

What happens if I do not respond to a jury summons?

Pursuant to the California Code of Civil Procedures section 209, the court may find the prospective juror who fails to respond to a jury summons in contempt of court, punishable by fine, incarceration, or both.

I’m a juror or potential juror who cannot drive or afford transportation. What should I do?

Through the Equitable Access to Justice pilot program effective July 1, 2023, jurors or prospective jurors who do not have access to transportation or cannot afford transportation may be entitled to subsidized vouchers to use Uber or for individuals who do not have Uber accounts or smartphones to subsidized rides using the Go-Go Grandparent system. To ask for transportation assistance, please contact the Jury Services at (707) 207-7350 or by email at courtjury@solano.courts.ca.gov. Transportation vouchers may only be used between a juror’s home in Solano County and the assigned court.

Welcome - Solano County Superior Court (2024)
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