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December 29, 2023 / By Lola Gould


Hey there, music lovers! Today, I want to talk to you about a song that really hit me in the feels – “Talk Too Much” by Reneé Rapp. I remember stumbling upon this song while browsing through new releases and let me tell you, I was captivated from the very first note.

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The Lyrics

Reneé Rapp’s “Talk Too Much” is a poetic masterpiece that delves into the complexity of overthinking and self-doubt in relationships. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person who constantly questions the meaning behind their actions and the impact they have on their significant other.

In the first verse, Rapp sings, “Tasted the blood in my mouth, And left you there to bleed out, It didn’t feel like a dream, Woke up and you looked so cute, Don’t think I could love you more, So what the hell does it all mean?” These lines beautifully capture the confusion and insecurities that often arise in a relationship.

The chorus, with its catchy melody, emphasizes the theme of overthinking. Rapp admits, “I’m here again, talkin’ myself out of my own happiness, I’ll make it up ’til I quit, I wonder if we should just sit here in silence, ‘Cause ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, I think I talk too much.” These lines remind us how easily we can get caught up in our own fears and doubts, and ultimately sabotage our chance at happiness.

In the bridge, Rapp’s vulnerability shines through as she questions the future of the relationship, acknowledging the uncertainty that comes with love. These lines offer a raw and honest glimpse into the singer’s insecurities and desire for reassurance.

Overall, “Talk Too Much” is a song that beautifully captures the internal struggle of overthinking and its impact on relationships. It serves as a reminder to take a step back, embrace silence, and let go of the need to constantly analyze and question every aspect of our connections with others.

Personal Connection

Personally, this song struck a chord with me because I’ve been known to be an overthinker in my relationships. I often find myself questioning my own actions and wondering if I’m doing or saying too much. “Talk Too Much” acts as a poignant reminder to trust in the moment and not let my own anxieties hold me back from experiencing genuine happiness.

The vulnerability in Reneé Rapp’s voice and the relatability of the lyrics make this song a true gem for anyone who has ever found themselves getting lost in their own thoughts. It’s a powerful reminder to let go, embrace the uncertainties, and focus on the beauty of the present moment.

About the Song and Album

“Talk Too Much” is the second single released from Reneé Rapp’s debut album, titled “Snow Angel.” The album is set to be released on July 12, 2023, and based on the emotional depth and introspection showcased in “Talk Too Much,” I can’t wait to explore the rest of Rapp’s musical journey.


Before I wrap up, let’s acknowledge the incredible team behind this song. “Talk Too Much” was produced by Alexander 23 and written by Reneé Rapp, Alexander 23, and Cleo Tighe. The music video, beautifully directed by Alyah Scott, adds another layer of artistry to the already thought-provoking lyrics.

Other notable credits include Alexander 23 on various instruments, mixing by Alex Ghenea, and mastering by Chris Gehringer. The attention to detail and collaboration of these talented individuals undoubtedly contributed to the emotional impact of “Talk Too Much.”


So, there you have it! “Talk Too Much” by Reneé Rapp is a song that beautifully captures the struggles of overthinking and the impact it can have on relationships. It reminds us to find solace in silence, let go of our doubts, and embrace the present moment.

I hope this article has given you some insight into the meaning behind the song and how it has resonated with me personally. Make sure to give “Talk Too Much” a listen, and let it guide you on a journey of introspection and self-discovery.

Remember, sometimes the most profound messages come from the simplest lyrics.

The Meaning Behind The Song: Talk Too Much by Reneé Rapp - Old Time Music (2024)


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