Kyle Mitchell Farris Obituary 2024 - Madisonville Funeral Home (2024)

After a life filling people with joy and laughter, Kyle Mitchell Farris passed away on the afternoon of May 22, 2024, in Livingston, Texas. Kyle came into this world on November 8, 1993, in Bedford, Texas. He spent much of his youth on the Farris Northside Ranch in Midway, Texas where he loved nothing more than riding and showing cutting horses with his family.

Kyle was full of energy and curiosity as a child and was always into something. He spent many a day riding around with Pops (grandfather, Jimmy Farris) in his truck to check on various dealings ranging from pecan harvests to checking cows. He looked forward to every summer as a child so he could pick berries with Granny (grandmother, Jo Davis) so they could make a berry cobbler to eat (usually with his hands).

Kyle learned from a young age to sit a cutting horse with the best of them and won state and national titles and has a trailer load of trophies, saddles, jackets, and belt buckles to prove it. Kyle's father and Pops taught him from day one how to work hard, how to hang up a bridle in the barn the right way (there is a way), how to get his horse ready to show, and how a cowboy never puts his hat on the bed. He covered many a mile hauling horses all over the country to cutting horse shows. He was always accompanied by his father who he'd drive crazy with the music blaring in the truck and talking nonstop. Kyle also inspired his little sister, Faith, to want to show cutting horses like him and strive to do as well as he did in the show pen.

The consummate showman, Kyle loved going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year and pulling out his best and brightest "show shirts" (of which he had many). When he wasn't showing, he was usually in a stall with his favorite horse, J. Lo, grooming her and making sure she also looked her very best before it was their turn to go out into the arena.

You won't meet someone that knew Kyle from cutting that doesn't remember him and have a story about him that will bring a smile to their face and yours. He left an indelible impression wherever he went and never met a stranger. He was usually escorted by a large group of girls that never stopped laughing at his constant barrage of jokes or acts of barn and/or stall mischief.

Kyle added light to any room he entered. Later in life, Kyle was protector and transporter-in-chief for his Granny. Over the last year or so, whether it was a trip to get her hair done or one of her numerous requested trips to Wal-Mart, Kyle never said no when Granny wanted or needed to go somewhere. He was a huge help to his mother and Granny and leaves a legacy of service when needed most.

Kyle was a member of the Midway Church of Christ in Midway, Texas and is survived by his father, Mitch Farris of Midway; mother, Datha Slater and step-father, Gary Slater of Livingston; sister, Faith Farris of Midway; brother, Luke Tanner, sister-in-law Sarah Tanner, and nieces Madilyn Tanner and Ella Tanner of Fort Worth; sister, Tammy Wilhelm & her daughter (niece), Jordan Beck; grandparents, Jimmy and Carolyn Farris of Midway and Nelva Jo Davis of Livingston; uncle, Mike Farris of Midway; cousins, Reygan Richardson of Madisonville and Riley Farris of Midway; uncle, Chris Davis and aunt, Elsie Davis of Nacogdoches and cousins Christie Lacy and Sarah Ball, along with Sady and Jacey Lewis, Brandon Randolph, and Cliff Slater, all of Livingston, and Justin Terrell of Livingston.

A funeral service will be held for Kyle at Madisonville Funeral Home, 1511 E Main St, Madisonville, Texas 77864 on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, at 11 A.M. Interment will follow in Midway Cemetery, Midway, Texas. A time of fellowship and visitation will take place at 10 A.M. until service time at the funeral home.

Pallbearers: Brandon Randolph, Nick Reitan, Tony Barnett, Janna Goodman, Don Durbin, Juan Mejai

Arrangements are under the direction of Madisonville Funeral Home, Madisonville, Texas. To order memorial trees or send flowers to the family in memory of Kyle Mitchell Farris, please visit our flower store.

Kyle Mitchell Farris Obituary 2024 - Madisonville Funeral Home (2024)
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