How To Get Argon In Astroneer (2024)

If you're venturing through the vast expanse of Astroneer's universe, you're likely on the hunt for valuable resources to fuel your interstellar adventures. One such essential element is Argon, a gas with diverse applications in crafting and exploration. Whether you're a seasoned astronaut or just starting your journey, understanding how to acquire Argon efficiently can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. In this guide, we'll delve into various methods to obtain Argon in Astroneer, from surface scavenging to advanced resource extraction techniques.

Exploring the Surface

1. Scanning for Deposits

When you land on a new planet or moon, your first task is to survey the terrain for resource deposits. Use your terrain tool's scanning mode to locate potential Argon pockets. Keep an eye out for distinct visual cues or use the resource indicator to pinpoint their exact location.

2. Harvesting Resin and Compound

Argon deposits are often found in close proximity to Resin and Compound nodes. Collecting these basic resources is crucial as they are used in crafting canisters and platforms necessary for resource gathering and processing.

Delving Underground

3. Digging for Deposits

If surface deposits are scarce or insufficient, it's time to dig deeper. Utilize your terrain tool to excavate tunnels and caverns, exploring the subterranean landscape for hidden Argon reservoirs. Be cautious of hazardous terrain and use tethers to maintain oxygen supply.

4. Utilizing Soil Centrifuges

Once you've uncovered a suitable location, deploy a Soil Centrifuge to extract Argon from gathered soil samples. This method requires power and may consume large quantities of soil, so ensure you have sufficient energy reserves and storage capacity.

Advanced Techniques

5. Trade Platforms

If exploration and extraction prove challenging, consider trading with other astronauts or automated trade platforms. Stock up on surplus resources and exchange them for Argon or other valuable commodities to expedite your progress.

6. Automation and Robotics

Invest in automation technologies such as Auto Extractors and Resource Canisters to streamline your resource gathering operations. Set up automated systems to continuously extract Argon and other resources while you focus on exploration or base expansion.


Mastering the art of obtaining Argon in Astroneer is essential for unlocking advanced technologies and expanding your interstellar empire. By employing a combination of surface exploration, underground excavation, and advanced techniques, you can ensure a steady supply of this valuable resource to fuel your cosmic endeavors.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can Argon be found on every planet in Astroneer?

  • No, Argon deposits are not guaranteed on every celestial body. Some planets may have abundant reserves, while others may lack this resource entirely.

2. What is the primary use of Argon in Astroneer?

  • Argon is primarily used in the fabrication of advanced crafting materials, fuel sources, and atmospheric condensers.

3. Are there any environmental hazards associated with extracting Argon?

  • While Argon extraction itself is relatively safe, certain planets may have hazardous environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or hostile flora and fauna.

4. Can Argon be synthesized or manufactured in Astroneer?

  • As of the latest updates, Argon cannot be synthesized and must be obtained through natural deposits or trading.

5. How can I optimize my Argon extraction process for maximum efficiency?

  • To optimize Argon extraction, focus on establishing efficient transportation routes, deploying automated extraction systems, and maintaining a balanced power supply to sustain resource processing operations.
How To Get Argon In Astroneer (2024)
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