Connected Investors Largest Rei Scam (2024)

1. Connected Investors Largest REI Scam on the Internet - BiggerPockets

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  • We signed up for Connected Investors 9-4-16. At the same time we where gullible enough to likewise put out information through the CiX site looking fo

2. Is the Connected Investors Platform Just a Scam?

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  • We have invested thousands into this program for almost two full years now, putting time and money into everything sent our way. However this far in and we ...

3. 10 REI Scams to Watch Out For -

  • The Investment Fraud Scam. The scammers promise to invest your money in REI, but they keep the money for themselves. They may even give you fake documents ...

  • Real Estate Investment (REI) is a popular way to make money. It can be a fantastic way to secure your financial future, but it's also a breeding ground for scammers.

4. All Forum Posts by: Jake Scott - BiggerPockets

5. Connected Investors Reviews [PinPoint Profits and More]

  • 4 apr 2023 · They connect investors to buyers, sellers, and even lenders all over the United States. It's a social network of some sort where investors can ...

  • There are many real estate investing platforms you’ll find on the web, but only a few of them can actually give you value. If you are curious as to whether Connected Investors is one of them, you landed on the right page.

6. Connected Investors Reviews, Questions & Updates Forum

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  • Here's Where You'll Find A Network Of Successful Real Estate Investors Sharing Their Experiences On How To Use The Connected Investors Social Network To Find, Analyze, Fund and Flip Investment Real Estate

7. Connected Investors Offical Weebly Account - Blog

  • 10 nov 2020 · ... REI) (House flipping ... Pin 5 is an advanced deal finding software that reviews and evaluates every listed an unlisted ...

  • The Official account for Connected Investors - the largest real estate investment community in the world

8. PiN Real Estate Software Review 2024

9. Connected Investors Review: A Legitimate Company or a Scam?

  • 21 feb 2024 · Connected Investors says its goal is to help people reach financial freedom through real estate investment. We'll let you know if we think ...

  • Connected Investors says its goal is to help people reach financial freedom through real estate investment. We'll let you know if we think it's legitimate.

10. REsimpli: Best Real Estate Investor CRM Software

  • REsimpli is the best real estate investor CRM software and wholesaling software that enables sales & marketing. Get started for free.

11. [PDF] A few people have asked me to start a Q & A thread about REI. Well, here ...

  • to scam me in any way. I will probably get a fair ... First, I want to clarify that not all investors at REI clubs are savvy. ... have the largest impact on our ...

12. BD to Acquire Edwards Lifesciences' Critical Care Product Group for $4.2 ...

  • 7 dagen geleden · ... Governance and ... connected care approach, and it will maintain its presence in Irvine, Calif. ... BD is one of the ...

  • Combination unlocks new future value-creation opportunities and is expected to be immediately accretive to BD revenue growth, adjusted gross margin, adjusted operating margin and adjusted EPS...

13. Real Estate Designations and Certifications

  • America's largest trade association, representing 1.5 ... investors, lenders, and other allied professionals. ... CIPS designees are connected to an influential ...

  • NAR offers designations and certifications for real estate professionals. Completing ongoing real estate education is a sign of experience and expertise.

14. Kindbody - Fertility Clinic, IVF, Egg Freezing & Complete Conception ...

  • Dr. Lynn Westphal. Lead CMO, Medicine & Research & REI ... He is also an avid proponent of the mind-body connection ... largest infertility practice on Long Island, ...

  • Kindbody offers fertility assessments, fertility testing, egg freezing, IVF, virtual fertility telemedicine and women's wellness.


  • The Commandant had, in this connection, relied upon the order for the Applicant's detention which had been made by the. Minister for Justice. The High Court sat ...

16. DealMachine - Real Estate At Your Fingertips

  • I couldn't recommend it highly enough to any other local investors, or any investors for that matter. ... By and large, it's been like the biggest factor in our ...

  • Empower your real estate journey with the all-in-one platform for lead generation, skip tracing, and personalized direct mail marketing.

Connected Investors Largest Rei Scam (2024)
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